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We are consider a "self-governed" unit whereby each and everyone of us will get the chance to lead, to learn and to play. We operates in an exco formation where a leading exco's Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson will plan out a meeting weekly

Leaders and operations rovers would be there weekly to give us advice for our room of improvement.


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Ventures,

There will be a meeting this coming week. Saturday (1st August 2009)
The Activities for the day are prepared by Scouter.
Most likely it would be Exploration.

Venue: Zhenghua Secondary
Time: 10.00am - 1.00pm
Attire: Full Uniform
Things to bring:
- Venture Grey T-Shirt
- Water Bottle
- Map (Bring if you have)
- Compass (Bring if you have)

10.00am - 10.30am Flag Raising
10.30am - 11.00am PT
11.00am - 12.45pm Activities By Scouters
12.45pm - 1.00pm Flag Lowering + Dismissal

Posted by: JiaMing & SinEe

posted at 10:02 PM

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear Ventures,

As usual, we are going to held a meeting this Saturday. And the venue will be at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
We have to report at 8.30am at visitor centre of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

According to Rover Teck Seng, Scouter are going to teach us the pacer.

Venue: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Time: 8:30am - 1pm
Attire for the day: Pt-Kit
Things to bring:
- Water Bottle
- Medication
- A set of new Pt-Kit if you want to

8.30 - 8.45am Report and Preparation
8.45 - 12.30pm Training
12.30 - 1pm Debrief + Dismissal

The details program of the day, i don't really know.
But I hope that If anyone could not attend, kindly give me a message or call.
By now, you guys should have my number. So do give me a notice If you are not coming with valid reasons. Thanks(:

* And do check venture blog often. -

Regards, SinEe.
Take cares :)

posted at 12:05 AM

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This coming Saturday ( 4th July 2009 )
There will be a Venture meeting.

Venue: East Coast Park
Time: 8.30 am (Be Punctual) to 1.00pm
Things to bring:
Cash (Renting of Bike)
Extra Clothing
Water Bottle
Sport/Track shoes (Optional)

0830 - 0845 A full body warm-up
0845 - 0900 Preparation of bikes + Briefing on routes to cycle
0900 - 10.30 Cycling
10.30 - 10.35 Water Break
10-35 - 11.30 Cycling
11.30 - 12.00 PT (Jogging/Push-ups/Sit-ups/Chin-ups etc)
1200 - 12.55 Cycling
12.55 - 13.00 Debrief + Dismissal

First Aider on Duty = Alvin Lian
Logistic = Guang Rong
Duty Exco = 2

Email will be sent to everyone shortly.
Please do take part in this activity.

posted at 3:48 AM

Thursday, May 28, 2009

This week, as per normal we going to held our weekly meeting.
However, there is a problem during this Saturday meeting,
Regarding of the briefing on group camp, where it crashes with out venture's normal meeting
30th May,

Below here is the program:

Venue: Zhenghua Secondary School
Time: 0900-1200
Things to bring: A set of clothes for changing after game

9.00 - 9.15 Flag break and changing of uniform
9.15 - 10.00 Prepare for games
10.00 - 11.15 Gaming Time
11.15 - 11.30 Buffer
11.30 - 11.45 Clear Up
11.45 - 12.00 Flag lowering

First Aider on duty: Guang rong
Logistics: Alvin Lian
Jia Ming
Flag Bearer: Lin Jie
Duty Exco : 1

If anyone could not attend the meeting Saturday , please inform sinee

posted at 12:04 AM

Sunday, May 3, 2009

(1st - 3rd May 2009) Venture Leadership Course "VLC"

We had successfully finished the VLC. Congraz to all who have attended.
As for those who had not attend, there will be another VLC hosted by HQ during JUNE.

I shall not describe what we had done few days back :D
Perhaps a little bit:

- Robert was dam entertaining throughout the camp, without him we wont enjoy. Trust me!
- The main theme for this camp should be " Learning leadership through Gayish method "
- Qualities of a Venture has been displayed in this camp. Learning from one another.
- The food that they catered for us is really up to standard. Concerning about the welfare of us.

Finally thanking the VSL & AVSL of Hua Zhong.
The camp is really enjoyable & tiring.

Photos shall be updated soon!

posted at 2:21 PM

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hi Guys, holidays is over, once again are back to schooling again.
And of cause we are going to resume our weekly meeting.
So this Saturday Meeting is mainly to train for our survival camp.

Venue: Zhenghua Secondary School
Attire: PT Kit
Time to Meet: 0900

Things to bring:
Full-U with beret
Writing Materials
Water Bottle
Survival Kit

Programme to be as follows:
0900-0930 Build Flagpole
0930-1000 Flag Break (IC: Samuel)
1000-1030 Briefing for trap setting (IC: Alvin Lian)
1030-1100 PT and Run to trap setting venue (IC: Jing Xue)
1100-1300 Trap Setting
1300-1330 Travel back to school
1330-1400 Flag Lowering
1400-1500 Lunch
1500- Meeting at Scouter Lai House

So see you guys at ZSS, anyone that could not attend this week's meeting, pleases give a message to SinEe. Thanks.Take cares & smile(: ciaos.!!

posted at 11:17 PM

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Survival Camp ( 01/05/09 - 03/05/09 )

Please Take Note of the Date
Will be updated soon ~

Get yourself a survival kit THKS

posted at 10:47 AM

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Ventures,

This saturday meeting ( 28/03/09) will be helping out with the investiture of scouts
The programme will be as follows:

Time: 0800hrs - 1100hrs
Venue: Zhenghua Secondary School
Attire: Full-Uniform (With head gear)(Black Shoes)

0800hrs: Fall-in, attendance taking, uniform inspection.
0845hrs: Rehearsal for HOTO (Boys)
0930hrs: Break
0945hrs: HOTO
1015hrs: Sec 1 Investiture
1100hrs: Dismissal

posted at 2:01 PM

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What happen during our trip to Sungei Buloh ?
We had meet up at Chua Chu Kang Bus Interchange at 0900,
We took Bus number 925 towards our destination which takes approximately 40 minutes.

Problem 1: Need to take 15 minutes to walk to the nature reserve during weekdays & saturday.
Problem 2: Admission fees of $0.50 for child, $1 for adult.

Scenery/Wild Animals that can be explored over at the Nature Reserve:
- Beautiful pond with fishes & crocodiles ( Spotted once every year )
- Snakes hanging around in trees ( Spotted if you pray hard )
- Squirrel climbing up and down the trees
- Different types of insects crawling over everywhere
- Beautiful butterflies flying around gracefully
- Prawns over at a specific area swimming
- Birds flying around like nobody cares
- Mosquito sucking humans blood like free
- Mud crab stoning in their self-build mud home
- Komodo Dragon acting cool by appearing almost everywhere
- Chamelon dodging the eyes of humans by camourflaging

Home Sweet Home
Gotten many mosquito bites as prizes

posted at 12:42 AM

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Ventures,
The meeting for this Saturday (21/03/09), we will be going to Sungei Buloh.
The purpose is to learn more about nature and to feed mosquitoes.
The programme will be as follows:

Place to meet: Chua Chu Kang MRT station
Attire: Casual wear
Time to meet: 9.00 am

9.00 : Meet at CCK station
9.15 : Board train to Kranji from CCK station
9.30 : Board 925 to Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve
9.45 : Reach at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve
12.00 : Leave Sungei Buloh for lunch @ lot 1
1.30 : Home Sweet Home

Geng Fai
FoxScout Ventures
Exco 1 Vice-Chairman

posted at 12:32 AM

Friday, March 6, 2009

Today meeting, we had discussion on exco formation. And now we had come to a decision. Below this will be the formation throughout the year.And hope you guys could work happily as a team(:

Exco 1
Chairman: Alvin Thoo
Vice-chair: Geng Fai

Exco 2
Chairman: Alvin Lian
Vice-chair: Lin jie
Jing Xue

Exco 3
Chairman: Amanda
Vice-chair: -
Teek Soon

Admin: SinEe
: -
IT: SinEe

posted at 12:35 AM